From 30th of May to 2nd of June 2019, MUZIK and Kelly Park participated in Art Busan which held in Busan, Korea.  

It was for revealing our collaboration called 'WWW, Whenever Wherever Whatever' at the more special location in a special way. 

For those who could not make it to Busan, Today, MUZIK unveils that interesting story at Art Busan.  


Followed by VIP Preview on 30th, Art Busan which started from 31st !

Muzik crew, arrived at Busan a few days before the exhibition opening, put tremendous efforts on setting up the more spectacular booth.   

Soon, the booth was covered with a pure white color followed by the concept color of collaboration, and MUZIK and artist Kelly Park were able to show the work in a more special way with the setup. 

Artist Kelly Park’s object ‘BAG’ received considerable attention from many visitors during the event. 

Next to that, Visitors could see the other artist Kelly Park’s collection consisting of artistic works under the theme ‘DREAM’ at a glance.    

MUZIK and Kelly Park who are men of the hour in collaborative works ‘WWW’ were finally revealed here. 

 The moderate cat-eye shaped sunglasses and small-sized bag with having Kelly Park’s collaborative works are in one package. 

Besides that, the inside of the booth was decorated with various works by the collaboration between MUZIK and Kelly park.  

The mirror reflecting ‘WWW’ and leaflets for describing the collaboration in detail were placed, which allowed visitors to feel MUZIK’s aesthetic identity and small and big details.

There was also the special highlighting performance of Art Busan 2019.

The main performer was JAY.D.S who participated in MUZIK’s album project. 

 He and the other skillful keyboard player and guitarist produced the breathtaking stage.    

One of the covered songs was Maxwell’s 'Whenever Wherever Whatever' which has the same the title of the collaboration of MUZIK and Kelly Park. 

The reason why it was decided to perform was because MUZIK and Kelly Park wanted to deliver the message that both wish that people consider as each MUZIK and Kelly Park’s works 'Whenever Wherever Whatever' in people’s daily lives. 

Thank you again for that you guys showed much more love and support than we expected. We want to say thanks again to you guys who visited Art Busan 2019.  

You can also check out the MUZIK and Kelly Park’s Collaborative works 'WWW' from Art Busan 2019 

at MUZIK official website and showroom in Sinsa dong. 

With our collaboration, you can present something special to your every life.