2019 DIOPS

DIOPS was held in Daegu from 4.17 to 4.19.

MUZIK was able to present its most distinctive collections and collaborations to many people who visited our booth.

From MUZIK's booth design and collaborations to DIOPS Awards, you will get all the news right here.

First of all, highly recognized MUZIK's booth design.

On the outer wall, there was a mash curtain to give a translucent look of the inside to bring out curiosity from the visitors,

and inside, on the white wall, all models from previous MUZIK collections were displayed colored in white.

On the contrary, normal frames displayed on various spots represents MUZIK's future path.

Among them, optics and sunglasses from [PLAYER], a collaboration between MUZIK and Anderson .Paak

made its first debut to the public in Korea.

Furthermore, 19SS collections and "HIDDEN TRACK", a capsule collection, also revealed themselves to the public for the first time with a glimpse of a re-branding that's about to happen to MUZIK.

Non like other exhibition, DIOPS was filled with MUZIK's color and stories!

Finishing strong, on the last of the exhibition, 

MUZIK was awarded \30,000,000 for winning a grand prize for DIOPS Awards.

DIOPS had been a very precious moments for us MUZIK as it gave us chance to show so many people our works, designs, stories and eyewear.

We will keep push ourselves to put utmost efforts on what we do to satisfy all our customers with our products.

Thank you so much. And stay tuned for more in the future!