RAY_TRACK35.RG프레임 전면 : 145 / 렌즈가로 : 53
브릿지 길이 : 21 / 다리길이 : 145


Another collaboration project was done by MUZIK and the cosmetic brand belif.

The oval-shaped sunglasses, RAY, is an acetate frame and metal bridge combined

with end-piece with the low concentration tinted lens. Especially, gold and pink color

of RAY has transparent acetate frame.

*The 'Almighty Sun-stick' of belif will be gifted with RAY. (number of sun-stick is limited) *Refund or replace request is only possible when the gift is new as it was given.

If it is used, it won't be able to refund.

* You will be able to make the payment after the note and agree to the regulations of 

  returns and refunds. 

* Returned or refunded items must be returned under the written policy. 

   When used or damaged, you must pay a reasonable amount.

这是一个与韩国化妆品品牌belif联名创作的椭圆型太阳镜系列。 它的特点是鼻桥及框架两端的金属部分和具有透明感的醋酸纤维部分完美结合。 为了体现产品的清晰度。 透镜也应用了低浓度有色镜片。



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